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Engineering a Greener Tomorrow

In addition to a dedicated in-house engineering team, Sol Components partners with industry leaders in earthquake engineering, wind engineering, and structural analysis to deliver reliable yet cost-effective designs.


Multi-Hazard Design Approach

No matter the size of the project, our design always account for a multitude of potential hazards that the project may experience throughout its service life to reduce our clients’ risk exposure.


Wind considerations are vital for ensuring structures safely endure extreme weather conditions.


Seismic factors are key in our design approach to ensure our panels withstand earthquakes effectively.


Flood considerations shape our design approach, enhancing our panels’ resilience against water hazards.


Snow considerations are integral, ensuring our designs hold up under severe winter conditions.

Bespoke Wind Tunnel Testing Data

Bespoke wind tunnel testing data involves custom experiments to model airflow around structures, vehicles, or other objects. This tailored data is crucial for optimizing design and performance by accurately predicting how wind impacts an object. It enhances safety, efficiency, and stability in various applications.

Table-Scale Modal Analysis

Table-scale modal analysis involves testing small-scale models on vibration tables to understand their dynamic properties. This process is crucial for predicting how structures will respond to external forces, ensuring safety and stability by identifying potential resonance issues and structural weaknesses.

Component Finite Element Analysis

Component Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulates and analyzes the structural integrity of components under various conditions. Essential for optimizing design and enhancing durability, FEA predicts failures and stresses, enabling engineers to improve product safety and performance before manufacturing.

Physical Testing

Physical testing for solar panels evaluates durability and performance under real-world conditions. This testing is crucial to ensure panels withstand environmental stresses like heat, cold, and moisture, thereby guaranteeing efficiency, longevity, and safety in energy production.

Sol Components partners with leading structural design firms and testing labs to ensure durability of projects delivered.